The company

Securmax is a leader in system integration in the field of information technology applied to buildings.

From its beginnings in 1992, Securmax adopts a personalized approach, adapted to each customer’s individual needs and mainly offers security consultation services. In order to meet increasing customer demand, it becomes, in 1996, a security building installation and service provider.

Technicians are hired and the company begins to work on integration projects in the field of security.

From that moment, the company establishes the precepts that will guide the team’s interventions with its customers:
Determine customer’s current and future needs
Suggest a reliable and modular system
Understand the usage sought by the customer as well as the operation mode
Adapting the system to a situation as opposed to imposing it

At the end of 2001, Securmax expands its field of expertise by adding HVAC regulation and building automation to its provided services.

Among Securmax’s customers are important contributors in the industrial, real estate, institutional and governmental fields. You can find their references in the Testimonial section.

Our mission

To ensure our customers’ comfort and security by providing them with reliable and personalized management systems for their buildings.

Securmax, dedicated to innovation and professional excellence for over 25 years.