Access control

Access control is a technique that consists of submitting access authorization when entering an establishment or rooms located inside a building.
The goal of this access authorization is to protect people, goods, or information and can include:
  • Identification of the users and the access
  • Secure turnstiles and rising gates
  • Elevator controllers
  • Biometric readers
  • Integration with human resource’s systems
  • Integration with the computer security systems
Securmax offers a variety of access control solutions to fit your needs:
Access control based on cloud computing and that can be locally connected, if so desired.
Access control systems based on IP technology in order to optimize applications for multiple locations/multiple tenants. The system easily integrates itself to the alarm monitoring already on site.
Access control system that can be managed remotely by computer or cellular phone with centralised management capacities in case of multiple sites.
Access control system based on IP technology that offers a unified system covering all of your building’s security components on one platform.
Access control system using cloud computing or done locally on site and that fully integrates Schneider Electric’s prior systems namely Andover Continuum and T.A.C. I/Net.
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