Energy performance management

Are you asking yourself how to control energy costs and reduce your building’s energy consumption without spending a fortune but still ensuring your productivity?

Securmax can offer you advices in order to help you reach your commercial goals when it comes to managing your energy consumption. We recommend Schneider Electric’s PowerStruxure in order to monitor, measure and indicate opportunities connected to the optimization of your energy capacities.

Efficiently reducing energy costs without any repercussions on productivity, functionality, or security requires tracking of a myriad of data points. You must know where the energy will be used, where it will be wasted, where the issues are in your system and what are the best practices to be shared within your team. The power management systems joint to smart surveillance and control devices are integrated to PowerStruxure and can help you accomplish all of this.

Gestion de la performance énergétique

We can help you detect faulty equipment or involuntary execution time that are wasting energy.

We also offer you the means to monitor your maintenance needs by using real data on your building electrical power quality issues and your true exploitation history.

See how energy management solutions can add stability and value to your business by viewing this video:

Schneider Electric - Power and Grid Systems

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