Axis modular cameras are a scalable, flexible solutions

Everywhere schools, enterprises and hospitals need to deal with less resources but a permanent increase to adapt to new security threats. A modular solution is a wise alternative to meet your surveillance needs and your budget with compacts, discrete but powerful cameras that fit in most environments and can be moved between areas according to the situations you face.  

March 12 2024
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Bosch Gun Detection System named CES® 2024 Best of Innovation

Congratulations to Bosch for the first Gun Detection System to pair video and audio AI to prioritize proactive security and safety involving guns. You can read all the details here.

February 6 2024
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Advanced radars solutions by Senstar

Securmax partners with the Senstar radars solution, an AI-based intrusion detection system that uses an embedded sensor fusion engine to intelligently synthesize data from multiple sensing technologies. The system provides a Probability of Detection (Pd) far exceeding that of traditional sensors while eliminating nearly 100% of nuisance alarms.

October 12 2023
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