When Justice calls, Make sure it is heard

Courts, correctional and law enforcement facilities require a healthy sound and voice evacuation system for the safety of staff and visitors. Guarantee reliable and intelligible audio by choosing TOA branded equipment. Visit the website TOA Canada - Home

November 2 2023
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Advanced radars solutions by Senstar

Securmax partners with the Senstar radars solution, an AI-based intrusion detection system that uses an embedded sensor fusion engine to intelligently synthesize data from multiple sensing technologies. The system provides a Probability of Detection (Pd) far exceeding that of traditional sensors while eliminating nearly 100% of nuisance alarms.

October 12 2023
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The PERCEPT bodycam from IONODES

Video surveillance demands accurate reflections of events and their surroundings. A wider visual perspective is key to better decision-making in critical situations. The PERCEPT bodycam boasts an impressive 180-degree field-of-view without compromising image quality, setting new standards in body-worn surveillance solutions.


September 25 2023
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