Securmax offers smart building solutions that allow us to optimize the performance, comfort and safety of one or several buildings.

Our activities include conception, installation, integration and maintenance of equipment and software. We make sure that the access, intrusion, video surveillance, heating, cooling, lighting, and even energy management control systems work seamlessly together.

Building Security
In order to ensure the safety and protection of personnel as well as physical locations, Securmax offers state-of-the-art solutions integrating tools for identification (including biometrics), perimeter detection and video detection access (including mobile and web applications), video archiving (especially on the cloud) and advanced incident management (including analysis functions).
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Integration and smart buildings
Securmax stands out by its vast experience and ability to integrate systems based on different protocols so that they operate together as a single system. The goal is to deliver a smart building that adapts to the unique and unique needs, structures and technologies of each client, because our systems and philosophy are based on so-called open architecture.
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Immotics and HVAC regulation
To ensure a healthy and pleasant environment for the occupants, a simplification and centralization of the management of the many operational systems of a building while allowing the optimization of energy resources, Securmax offers its expertise with Schneider Electric's powerful StruxureWare system.
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